Over 30 cake variants | 4 team members | 1 vision | 1 heart.

To make the world a better, brighter place by lighting up taste buds and spirits with our lovingly made cakes.

We believe that there is a story behind every cake. A baker’s responsibility is to ensure that the utmost love and integrity is offered at every stage. From initial conceptualization of design and flavouring, to selection of ingredients and mixing all of the good bits into a batter, right down to final frosting for that ultimate icing on the cake (no pun intended!), you can trust that we devote 100% of ourselves into each stage.

When that cake finally comes out of the oven and rests on the table, we take a step back, take in the aroma, hearts full knowing that we have given everything we had and totally excited to pass this on to you!

When you buy from Sooperlicious, you are not just buying a cake. You are buying hours and days of love. We are a Muslim-owned, with over a decade of baking experience. We are also recognized under the SMCCI.


After years of flying in the aviation industry, Hana responded to what she calls an “intimate calling” to be an entrepreneur. She had always had a passion in baking and wanted to use it as a means to give back to society. To her, the best job that one can have is something that pays the bills, that she is passionate in doing day in, day out, and that contributes to society.

She doesn’t see herself as a born artist (even when the intricate designs of a Sooperlicious cake speak otherwise) but rather, as someone whose skill was nurtured out of raw passion for the craft.

The journey has seen her take huge strides as a person – where she used to be more of a people pleaser or feel overwhelmed over tight deadlines, she is now able to view life through a different lens. A tight deadline is now a meaningful challenge. A complicated design request is now an opportunity to learn something new and push her limits. An accidentally burnt cake is not just wasted ingredients, but a chance to review her processes and what could be improved or streamlined.

Her favourite quote is “you were born to be real; not to be perfect.”

In her free time, she enjoys watching reality shows like MasterChef (with a cup of afternoon tea in one hand and cupcake in the other) and dream about herself winning the competition one day.


At Sooperlicious, we strongly believe in giving back to society. We have worked with organizations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, Muhammadiyah, Pertapis Children’s Home, Darul Ghufran Mosque, Children’s Wishing Well etc.

If you are a non-profit organization, do contact us and we will help where we are able to.

This is just our way of showing our appreciation for all your support through this journey.