Fizza Bella

Black! Black! Black!
I swear whenever I opened my wardrobe, it’s dark! Ahh.. Silly me, of course! There’s no bulb light.. But that’s not the main reason. Hahaha! Well, maybe because almost all of my clothes are black. Be it shirts, skirts, shorts, pants, dresses, undergarments, baju kurungs, baju butterfly with printed flowers (Yeah! I know butterflies n flowers should be bright and colorful.. but mine is the kelawar + kupu kupu breed – i think) Heh! :p

Ever since I was a child, i remembered hating black! “Black?! Ewww!! NO!! How boring is it to wear black! I’m not a slob.. etc… etc… Blablabla…
But as soon as puberty hit, those sedaplicious foods I ate everyday caught up with me, then I understood.. There really is nothing as beautiful as black. The best part? Black is the most flattering of all of the colors out there! Trying to look thin? You best know you’ll be rocking black that day. Black matches with every other color that you’re wearing…

So here it is… Delicious looking black michael kors handbag here is asking for a lick! Hahahahaha!!!
We really do hope that our clients and customers has met their required expectations. We’d love to exceed more..
To more customized cakes! XoXo


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