Hana K

Wow! Its 2 weeks into Ramadhan already, cepat sekali… I think Raya songs will start playing soon. And so does my lampu lip-lap. I think orang Singapore panggil lampu lap-lip. Or is it the other way around?… Oh.. And hubby left for 11 days flight yesterday, hmmm… That’s happening almost every year before Raya, and mummy just need to get cleaning mood restarted before big boss comes back.

Yesterday, I had iftar with the kiddos at Century Square, as usual, they wanted chix rice. My Nabeel, doing good in his fasting, just missing 2 days, and lil bro had his pre iftar meal while we waited. Lovely time with the kids.. thanks Allah!

Back to the cake business, this lovely piece was done recently, and how cute it is. Abang misai on the cake…hehehe. Still tak pass on the misai though, feel that it can be better, more roundish maybe. Overall, very GQ…so if your hubby turns 50, get him this cake! pesan Kak Hana…


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