Fizza Bella

“What was that? I should kill everyone and escape? Sorry, it’s the voices. Ahaha, I’m kidding! That’s not what they really said.” Harley Quinn was originally a psychiatrist! That explains the voices tho.. Hahahahaha!!
And do you guys know what?? Initially, when I just received the order and a picture of this lady here, can you believe that I have no idea who she is or was?? Until I showed the picture to a friend, then she said, “Oh wow!! It’s Harley Quinn!!” I was like, “Harley what?” (Scratch head) She explained to me saying that it’s a fictional character from the Suicide Squad. Again, with my blur face, I asked, “Suicide what?”… Hahahaha!! Yes I know, I’m such a cutie for not knowing what Suicide Squad is. Lol!! (Jaykay)
So anyway, my friend googled and showed me more information about Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad. So yeah.. Hahahahha!!

I’m just so glad and happy it turned out as planned. This is another milestone for me and I had so much fun doing it.
I sent the picture to my nephew and he gave me compliments which makes me blushed! Hahahahha!! I didn’t know that Suicide Squad is so ‘IN’, till my delivery lady, who were using Hijab, went like, ” Wah.. What cake is this sis? The box all covered and huge!” I said, “Oh! This one la.. Suicide Squad.” Thinking that she also don’t know. Skali she said, “Wah sis!! Harley Quinn! When are you gonna upload the pic?” Erkkk.. My jaw dropped and confirm plus chop lor I’m the only one who are out dated! Hahhahaha!! You guys are so cool lah! Lol!!

Happy 18th birthday Qis! Hope u like it! XoXo


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