Hana K

Hi kakak2 dan abang2!! Eh dah nak raya nih…

Still haven’t stock up Kueh raya? Let’s have it with class lah this year. Grab our Maison Jar Cookies. 5 flavors to choose from and InsyaaAllah you won’t be disappointed.

Any purchase of 5 bottles and more will entitle for free delivery. 

PM/Email or WA us to book yours today. Cepat sikit, dah nak raya lah Kak Long!

WA @ 94516966 (Hana K)Email @ iwantcake@sooperlicious.com


~Mad about red (red velvet crunch)

~Arab Sugee (not your traditional sugee)

~Nutty Makmur (so addictive, be warned..)

~Choc Overdose (literally the name…)

~Berry Nice (Berry twist with crunchy flakes)

(About 50pcs in each jars, no hassle of transferring container)


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