SHOPKINS is super cute. They were made tiny and adorable. This collectible toys come with unique name and face. We made it edible version this time, hope you enjoyed it Tanisha!


Good morning people! Sharing one of my cake created not too long back. It’s POCOYO theme cake. It’s a Spanish pre-school cartoon. It’s sooper cute that I’m a fan too. Especially when pocoyo doing his jiggly move. Congrats Jacob for being a year older!!


One of my old client came back. Congrats on the new addition! Always nice to have a girl in the family.Sometimes I’m toying with the “having a girl” idea too. 🤔Hmm…Well, for this cake, we used lots of vines n flowers to create the magical look. Fairies supplied by client. Thanks Mandy, and swing by…


Happy Friday people!  We have Thomas Engine cake today. All edible version to give your kid the happiest  birthday ever. Among all other new children show, Thomas is still in demand…😍 It’s all the way chocolate  cake for you JAIVIAN and thanks Dieng for the continous support.


I’ve done The Hungry Caterpillar cake a few times and It was so interesting. Recently, was asked to do Elmer, honestly  I have not heard. 😌 Lucky with the help of “Mr G” aka Google..  I managed to get some ideas of what it is.  So here it is, Elmer’s and all his elephant  friends…


Hi peeps! How wonderful if you receive 2kg gold bar as birthday present huh? “..makan Tak habis sey..”  Well, this is requested by repeat client, and what come close to gold bar than a cake replica rite? Fun way to celebrate  your birthday  I may say.  Pray hard Chantal, who knows what you might receive…

Tayo The Little Bus 3d Cake

Hello my beautiful friends!! How are you guys doing? It’s been so long since I posted a new cake design. Life has been busy and my family from KL came to visit. Such a great moment when you can just spend more time with them. Automatically, all your stresses and your tiredness were healed! Poof!!…

New Cake On The Block!!

Happy Sunday gorgeous people!! Look what do we have here ladies.. Oh yeah!! It’s a MAC makeup cake. And who doesn’t know what is MAC? Girl.. Are u kidding me? I lurveeee makeups and please add more lurve if it’s from MAC!! Hahahaha!!! Cosmetics is the science of a woman’s cosmos! We girls love makeup….

OMG!! It’s Harley Quinn!!

“What was that? I should kill everyone and escape? Sorry, it’s the voices. Ahaha, I’m kidding! That’s not what they really said.” Harley Quinn was originally a psychiatrist! That explains the voices tho.. Hahahahaha!! And do you guys know what?? Initially, when I just received the order and a picture of this lady here, can…