This movie was released bout 5 years ago,. Although there’ no sequel, but it is still popular especially when come to  birthday cake. Thanks Dina for the request and Happy Birthday Princess Bella!


Bello! Happy Tuesday. We created another minion cake recently, and lurve… how it turned out. Let’s surprise our kids with cake, folks! Just let us do the job 💪. Thx Jannah, pop by soon!


Bello! It’s me again… I wish I can share the same passion for this creature but after missing the first and the 2nd part, I don’t think I’m gonna start at all.. 😬 Of course it doesn’t mean I can’t carve cute minion cake for you Junior Ho! Here you go, layer of rainbow with…


It was a big challenge for Sooperlicious Team to construct this 3d building cake. But what is life without challenge?  With careful calculation, and teamwork, we present to you, MEDIACORP CAMPUS cake. We could have painted the building silver and added more details if given another few hours…lol. Thanks MEDIACORP, for the task!


Yeah ! To My first  Superheroes  Cake this year! Never get tired of doing it and will always love it… But no chance to do the female version  lah.. Wink Wink!!! Anybody? Hey Ryan, Very happy birthday  to you. Be any Superhero you want to be. But please not Cicak Man yah, so geli…..


Lala-lala lala-lala Elmo’s song. Lala-lala lala-lala Elmo’s song. Me write the music, me write the words, that’s Elmo’s song… *clap-clap* I was a TV junkie as a kid. I am the Sesame Street Generation! I gained a sense of humour from the Muppet Show! I’ve always been in love with Elmo! He is soooo cute!!…

Pororo & Friends

If you’re interested in Korean culture, and I mean modern culture, or you watch dramas or variety shows, you’ve probably heard of Pororo. Pororo is a famous little blue penguin who is the protagonist of his own show! Pororo the Little Penguin. He’s a happy dancer too!! Happy Birthday to our cute little birthday boy!…

Tiffany Box Ring Cake!

How’s your weekend goes peeps? Hope you guys had tons of fun!! You know, wherever I went, I saw people playing the most popular game right now, Pokemon Go! Hahahahah!! Anyway.. This beautiful thing you see here is a box ring. And it’s a cake! Yes!! Om nom nom.. Convincing huh? Oh how happy every…

60th Birthday Cake

Hello beautiful people! It’s  Thursday again and I can’t wait for the weekends. So here, we have another beautiful cake for a beautiful lady. Turning 60 gracefully.. Happy Birthday!! It’s too pretty to eat ya? Not to worry.. You can always eat and order more. Hahahahaha.. To more birthdays for you. Happy Thursday beautiful peeps!…

Harry Potter Fan Cake!!

Well.. Well.. Well.. What do we have here?! I lurveeee Harry Potter! Especially when you can eat it! Hahahahha! I’ve only watched the films though. Not a fan of reading. Heeheehee.. I believe, our birthday girl here, Mishal, who just turn 16, loves to read! A big fan of Harry Potter too!! It’s so magical…