This movie was released bout 5 years ago,. Although there’ no sequel, but it is still popular especially when come to  birthday cake. Thanks Dina for the request and Happy Birthday Princess Bella!


Morning all, sharing my Chef Hat 3D Cake today. To get the height, I’m adding some additional dummy at the bottom to get the look I wanted. Satisfied with the crisp looking cake and finishing. Stay tune for “3D cheese cake theme’ coming soon! Happy Wednesday!


Happy Sunday people! I start my Sunday at Tao Payoh watching my eldest playing soccer. Honestly, I’m enjoying myself breathing fresh morning air. Short break from my caking business.Well, I’m sharing my “monkey business” cake this time. I bet Yichen really love monkey. We made it happen, and we heard the kids were thrilled. Thanks…


Bello! It’s me again… I wish I can share the same passion for this creature but after missing the first and the 2nd part, I don’t think I’m gonna start at all.. 😬 Of course it doesn’t mean I can’t carve cute minion cake for you Junior Ho! Here you go, layer of rainbow with…


My 4 years old is crazy over Superheroes. His favourite is the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. To him, Thor, Iron man, Captain America are all good guys…OK, he got all right so far. Unfortunately, he think HULK is bad guy. Just because he saw HULK knocked down Ironman in Avengers…lol So Noah, though u don’t like…

Rustic Buttercream  Wedding Cake

Hello! Check out this beautiful  rustic white wedding cake that I did for a good friend at Gurame Restaurant recently. Sometimes, simplicity  is the best! And the cake was finished in no time rite Fazi?..💪 Alhamdulillah…syukran 😊


Love at first sight!  Yes,  fell in love with this new creation. Its so GRAND and VIBRANT. Tabla or Dholak is a musical instrument played during Dholki ceremony in Pakistani wedding. Requested by the Bride and was a big hit I heard.  Thanks Shermin  and congrats on your big day!

M&M Chocolate Cake!!

Do you guys know that, anything is good if it’s made of chocolate? ‘Chemically’ speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food. Hahahaha!! I never met a chocolate I didn’t like. Lol!! Everything you see here are ‘All You Can Eat’! Oooh! Heaven! *drool* Ok! That’s it for today. I’m gonna go buy myself some…


Lala-lala lala-lala Elmo’s song. Lala-lala lala-lala Elmo’s song. Me write the music, me write the words, that’s Elmo’s song… *clap-clap* I was a TV junkie as a kid. I am the Sesame Street Generation! I gained a sense of humour from the Muppet Show! I’ve always been in love with Elmo! He is soooo cute!!…