Mommy, where is my present?

Morning peeps… Familiar scene? Very fun and cute 3d cake requested by previous client. So adorable  but i wish the leg is thicker.  Second time always better…. Good day all!!

Mamak, Teh Tarik lagi satu please!

Hi peeps,  if you guys can remember,  i did this same 3d cake with curry puff last year. This time around, its cleaner n more polished.  Last year was with teh tarik flavored cake n buttercream.  This time around,  we went for dark choc all the way.  Well Mr Ahamad,  enjoy your 8” tall Cocoaholic…

Topsy Turvy 3d Train Cake

Hi people!  Hows your  holiday so far? We having such busy time here at Sooperlicious  Cakes. Alhamdulillah… This is throw back from last week havocness… Had so much fun  creating it.  Let’s choo-choo to the new year! 


Love at first sight!  Yes,  fell in love with this new creation. Its so GRAND and VIBRANT. Tabla or Dholak is a musical instrument played during Dholki ceremony in Pakistani wedding. Requested by the Bride and was a big hit I heard.  Thanks Shermin  and congrats on your big day!

Superman vs Batman Cake

Hi people! What’s  your favorite superhero? There’s  so many  now but i guessed, the top of the chart is still Superman along with Batman and Spiderman.  Sharing this superheroes  cake that we managed  to squeeze  kinda last minute… Always try our best to make it happen. Who’s the Superhero now rite??