Happy new year people! Welcome 2019! InsyaaAllah, let's hope the new year will be better, bring us more health n wealth. We had this cake request coming from SERVICENOW. Happy to deliver and again we were given very limited time frame. 😅 Hey, Sooperlicious did it! Congrats to us👍.


Assalammualaikum and Good morning folks! This is throwback from early this year, Elsa portrait cake. Love the simplicity of it… All edible and perfect birthday cake🎂 for your Little one, or the not so little… Who cares yah!! Let it go lah…. 😜 Tags: birthday cakes, birthday cake, halal cakes, halal, sooperlicious, delivery, customize cake,…


“Flower Power theme?”, k I shall Google… and oh my, its so colorful, fun and girly. Suddenly reminded me of Austin Power… “Oh behave..!🕺 Here you go, we are up for it Eshal! Just to make you happy, 🎉. Tags: birthday cakes, birthday cake, halal cakes, sooperlicious, cake delivery, celebration cakes, Singapore birthday cake, girls…

Hermes Bag Birthday cake

From time to time, we have request for Fashionista Cake. Not to disappoint, we didn't just create the Birkin Bag, we did the Louboutin Shoe and Margarita glass along. Thanks Harriet for the challenging task in just 3 days. 😅 We strive and bite out tongue sometimes….just to deliver… 💖Tags: birthday cake, birthday cakes, halal...


Watching the kids growing up is a joy to all parent. We love to capture the memory of every milestone with images. Let's do that with cake, and what more if it's delicious... Hahaha... Happy Belated Birthday dear Zixuan!Tags: birthday cakes, birthday cake, graduation cake, halal, halal cakes, Singapore halal cakes, sooperlicious, delivery, best cakes,...

Cheese 3D Birthday Cake

We have this 3d cheese cake requested by our regular client recently. We made it all edible and had fun with airbrushing. None too cheesy though.  Happy Belated Birthday! Tags : halal, cakes, singapore, halal cakes singapore, birthday, cake, birthday cakes, birthday cake, cheese cake, delivery

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cake

Can’t decide which between the four Hogwarts houses you should be in? Don’t worry, let the Sorting Hat Birthday Cake sort you to whether Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. Hope it doesn’t creep you out! #Halal #Cakes #Singapore #Birthday Cakes

3D Bicycle Cake

This is throwback from last few months request. We’ve designed a 3D Bicycle Birthday Cake with an all edible finishing! Tbh, the bicycle part is tricky tho.. Happy Belated Birthday Bernard, keep cycling!

Nerf Birthday Cake!

Can’t get enough of the shooting fun? Increase your nerf-ing skills with our new crafted weapon – The Nerf Birthday Cake! Rather than only a massive firing machine, it tastes sooper-delicious too! #Halal #Cakes #Singapore #Halal Cakes Singapore #Birthday #Cakes #Birthday Cakes