About UsHana K

Hello! I’m Hana and thank you for visiting the Sooperlicious site! Sooperlicious is a proud supplier of   halal cakes since 2009, and honestly, I’ve not said “no” to a single a cake request since (unless we’re really full la, of course)!  

So here’s the deal, we’re no cake snobs, we’re here to listen to your craziest ideas and bake it into reality. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. Cakes are cakes, if it looks good, it should taste even better. We believe that delicious, fabulous cakes should be affordable, so Sooperlicious cakes are for everyone with every budget!

When I first started Sooperlicious, I was pregnant with my first son and had just left my career of 14 years as an air crew. Alamak, the void that I felt… You know, no longer working within the familiar confines of an aircraft, it led me to pick up a new skill.  So I attended baking classes and the rest was history! I fell in love with baking but I HATED attending classes! So I self-taught myself a lot over the years and I’m still challenging myself, one cake at a time.

Today, with the support of my beloved family and friends, Sooperlicious is still here to make cakes of your wildest imagination come true. Our motto is to ‘give it our best and no regrets’, we’re ‘gung ho’ like that. With that, I very humbly say, we’re ready to serve you.

So how can we help you today?