iBMS Technology Corporate Cake

We are here with another special corporate cake for iBMS Technology. Wishing the company a happy 20th anniversary! Thank you for trusting Sooperlicious to make your celebration end on sweet note 🌟

One Piece Cake

Put on your straw hats, anime fans and join us to set sail with Luffy from One Piece!⛵️☠️ Come and rejoice because it is a delicious chocolate salted caramel cake 🎂, just as requested for Timous's 14th Birthday 🥳🌟

3D Chanel Themed Cake

Calling all divas and our ladies who love designer bags 👜✨ Here we have a Chanel themed cake featuring a 3D pink 'leather' bag and its makeup line 💄💋 It's a salted caramel cake too! Super cute as a special surprise for our customer's beloved wife 🤩

Cars Themed Cake

Fasten your seatbelts because Lightning Mcqueen is heading this way! 🏎️ 💨 This adventurous cake has been beautifully decorated with characters and elements from Cars. All edible and yummy for 3-year old Sanarth 🤩🌟

Baby Girl Cake

We are as delighted as the edible 3D baby girl on the dresser to be making this beautiful cake! 🤩🤩 This classic chocolate cake is covered in a baby pink fondant and decorated with girlish elements like the toy bunny and sweet treats. All yummy and delivered for Prithula. Happy birthday, sweetie! 🥳

Ballerina Cake

Get on your elegant dancing feet💃 because we are here with a request for a ballerina cake with a cute pink pointe shoes on the side! It is all edible in the good old fashion vanilla flavour 🤤🤤 Happiest birthday Angie, we hope you had the sweetest celebration!

Oracle Exadata Cake

Previously, we had a request for this very tall belgian chocolate cake 😲 for Oracle and this design features their Exadata Database Machine. We are more than happy to have created this cake and delivered it to them! 😊

Thomas and Friends Themed Cake

Choo, choo! We are here with previous request for a Thomas and Friends 3D cake made of red velvet with cream cheese 😋😋 Yes, the toy train does indeed move! 🤗 Like we said, we always do our best to make the craziest designs come true.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cake

"Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!" Here is a throwback to a double celebration cake we have made of Mickey and Minnie Mouse for George and Vicki 😊 Definitely a perfect fit to celebrate these two young sweethearts! 💖

Toy Story Themed Cake

"To infinity and beyond!". As quoted from Buzz Lightyear, our customized cake designs are infinite as we try to make our customers' wildest imaginations come to life. Don't worry, these toys are edible and definitely won't come to life like the ones in the movies. Happiest birthday to Zafri Adam! Sooperlicious wishes you a fun...