Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cake

Can’t decide which between the four Hogwarts houses you should be in? Don’t worry, let the Sorting Hat Birthday Cake sort you to whether Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. Hope it doesn’t creep you out! #Halal #Cakes #Singapore #Birthday Cakes

3D Bicycle Cake

This is throwback from last few months request. We’ve designed a 3D Bicycle Birthday Cake with an all edible finishing! Tbh, the bicycle part is tricky tho.. Happy Belated Birthday Bernard, keep cycling!

Nerf Birthday Cake!

Can’t get enough of the shooting fun? Increase your nerf-ing skills with our new crafted weapon – The Nerf Birthday Cake! Rather than only a massive firing machine, it tastes sooper-delicious too! #Halal #Cakes #Singapore #Halal Cakes Singapore #Birthday #Cakes #Birthday Cakes

Stitch 3D Cake

I loveeee…. Stitch. He’s cute and evilish at the same time. Dunno whether we gonna see a new sequel of him. Sharing with you guys today is a 3d Stitch at the beach playing water surfing..hehehe. Good day folks!!


Bello! Happy Tuesday. We created another minion cake recently, and lurve… how it turned out. Let’s surprise our kids with cake, folks! Just let us do the job 💪. Thx Jannah, pop by soon!


Happy Sunday people! I start my Sunday at Tao Payoh watching my eldest playing soccer. Honestly, I’m enjoying myself breathing fresh morning air. Short break from my caking business.Well, I’m sharing my “monkey business” cake this time. I bet Yichen really love monkey. We made it happen, and we heard the kids were thrilled. Thanks…


One of my old client came back. Congrats on the new addition! Always nice to have a girl in the family.Sometimes I’m toying with the “having a girl” idea too. 🤔Hmm…Well, for this cake, we used lots of vines n flowers to create the magical look. Fairies supplied by client. Thanks Mandy, and swing by…


Bello! It’s me again… I wish I can share the same passion for this creature but after missing the first and the 2nd part, I don’t think I’m gonna start at all.. 😬 Of course it doesn’t mean I can’t carve cute minion cake for you Junior Ho! Here you go, layer of rainbow with…