Car Lovers!!

Happy 5th Birthday Danish! Happy 7th Birthday Raiyan!
Yessss… They are like the Schumacher brothers who are into cars I guess.. Such a cutie at such a young age!
Or maybe they are just into games like grand theft auto? Or maybe ‘The Fast And Furious’ movie? (Van Diesel and Paul Walker are so hawtttt!!) Hihihi..

Anyway.. Do you guys know that if you give a man a car, he will be happy for the day? But if you give a man, a woman who loves the car, he will be happy for life!! It’s the fact!!
So if you guys wanna date someone, make sure they have the same feeling for your car. Jangan feeling dengan car melebihi pasangan korang pulak.. Hehehehe!

Salam Jumaat to everyone!! Have a great weekend with your love ones! XoXo