The Incredibles Theme Birthday Cake

Hi folks! Throwback from our recent superhero work🐱‍🏍 . The Incredibles Theme Cake, requested by our regular Russian client for her dear husband. We hope you an incredible celebration Tatiana, and stay safe!..

Aviation Theme Birthday Cake

"I'm not afraid of flying✈, I'm afraid of not flying...." . Yes, I feel you hubby... Since covid19, hubby has been clipping up his wings. Happy Belated Birthday Matthias, and we pray 🤞 for virus-free earth🌍!#birthday cake #birthday cakes #aviation cakes #halal cakes #sooperlicious

Cassette Tape Theme Birthday Cake

Simple celebration can bring back some fond memories… Hope we made it happen for you Genie! We tried our best to replicate your cassette tape📼 and made it delicious too😋… Til we meet again! Stay safe people🤞 #sooperlicious #birthday cake #birthday cakes #halal cakes #celebration cakes

First Year Birthday Cake

Howdy folks! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Hope everybody is doing their best to stay at home🏡. At Sooperlicious, we will try our best to deliver happiness to your small celebration. Let's be safe😇 and make your bonding time more memorable with us.#sooperlicious #halalcake #3dcakes #birthday cake #birthday cakes #celebrationcake #halalsg

Go-Ahead Singapore Bus Birthday Cake

Go-Ahead Bus🚍 Cake created for bus fanatic this week. He's very consistent on what he likes, and have been ordering only bus cake for the past 3 years😂. Thx Mummy Audrey for sticking with us! 🤞. Be safe people, stay indoors 👪 and eat cake! 😉.