Stone Age Pastel Wedding Cake

Happy Monday, everyone! 🀩 Last weekend we had a request for a wedding cake with a Stone Age pastel theme πŸ₯³πŸŽ‚ Looking tall and perfect for Sameer and Nashrah's wedding at the Red Velvet Ballroom. 😽

Unicorn Theme Birthday Cake

Midnight delivery done for One special girl yesterday . Unicorn theme cake and cupcakes with Belgian Choc and Red Velvet Nutella. Very Happy Birthday Sayali. You are one lucky girl!!


Hi peeps! How’s new year coming along? Wishing everyone a wonderful brand new year with all the happiness in the world!! Sharing this English rock🀟 theme cake for one avid fan! We tried our best to capture Matthew’s good look… Hahaha… Happy Birthday Dessy!

Wedding Cake @ D’Venue

Throwback from last week. Buttercream coated Triple Chocolate wedding cake for "Raja Sehari". Sometimes simplicity is the best! Congrats to the couple, "sehingga sampai ke anak cucu...."