Roblox Part II-Birthday Cake

Roblox Birthday Cake anybody?? Okay, officially the kids are at home 24-7 now. Normally Roblox only happening over the weekend, but let’s say we extend the hours longer till May 4th 😝 . Stay safe peeps!! #halalcakessg #sooperlicious #robloxcake #celebrationcake #birthdaycake #pokediger1cake #stayathomeeatcake #cakeisgoodforcircuitbreaker

Stone Age Pastel Wedding Cake

Happy Monday, everyone! 🀩 Last weekend we had a request for a wedding cake with a Stone Age pastel theme πŸ₯³πŸŽ‚ Looking tall and perfect for Sameer and Nashrah's wedding at the Red Velvet Ballroom. 😽


"Once upon a time... There was a little Princess called Kassandra." Happy Belated Birthday sweetie... We made Hawaiian Coconut Cake and Strawberry White Chocolate Layer to complete the celebration.

Unicorn Theme Birthday Cake

Midnight delivery done for One special girl yesterday . Unicorn theme cake and cupcakes with Belgian Choc and Red Velvet Nutella. Very Happy Birthday Sayali. You are one lucky girl!!

Deadpool Birthday Cake

Funny Superhero created by marvel or was he originally depicted as supervillain?πŸ‘Ώ We love Deadpool so much and had a chance to make this theme cakeπŸŽ‚ recently. Happy Birthday Keiran!


Hi peeps! How’s new year coming along? Wishing everyone a wonderful brand new year with all the happiness in the world!! Sharing this English rock🀟 theme cake for one avid fan! We tried our best to capture Matthew’s good look… Hahaha… Happy Birthday Dessy!

Wedding Cake @ D’Venue

Throwback from last week. Buttercream coated Triple Chocolate wedding cake for "Raja Sehari". Sometimes simplicity is the best! Congrats to the couple, "sehingga sampai ke anak cucu...."