We’re the bakers with a side of fun! Certified by the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MOE), our bakes are officially the coolest in the halal realm!

Dive into our flavor fiesta that promises to make your taste buds do the cha-cha!  Check out the exquisite lineup of gourmet cakes here!

We boast about using only the crème de la crème ingredients—think premium chocolate, pure butter, and buttercream magic.

And hey, our cakes are dressed to impress in buttercream, chocolate, or fondant. Special diets, we’ve got you covered with our bespoke creations!

No raw eggs on this baking dance floor! Our cakes are the real party animals, featuring vegan buttercream and mouthwatering mousseline-based cream. Get ready to taste the groove.

For the best results, aim for at least a week before, and shoot for the stars with two to four weeks’ notice if you’re dreaming up a super-customized or big cake (think weddings or corporate bashes).

Cake orders in the standard lane are like speed racers, zipping through with a quick turnaround, typically around 2 days. Need it pronto? Give us a shout-out and see what magic we can work!

We’re the cool cats when it comes to payments! Whether you’re into e-invoice, cash, Paynow, Paylah, or the classic credit card shuffle, we’ve got the moves to groove with your style.

Strictly by Appointment: We’re like the VIP party of baking, so appointments are our jam! Picture us as a cozy crew of passionate bakers, keeping it real. All orders? They’re the online or WhatsApp stars of the show. Shoot us a message, and we’ll sprinkle joy on all your queries!

We whip up our cakes with an extra sprinkle of love, all handmade and inspected with the precision of a detective solving a cake mystery. Baking, to us, is an art – and we’re not into cookie-cutter creations! While machines might churn out duplicates, we’re all about the craft, handcrafting each cake with care from start to scrumptious finish!”

Keep in mind, the colors in pictures might throw a little party of their own – blame it on the lighting and sneaky camera angles!

We steer clear of vibrant colors in our buttercream because we believe in keeping your hands and mouths dazzling-free—no accidental finger-painting on our watch.

We’re the sweet rebels in the dessert realm! Less sugar, all the taste. Our high-quality ingredients, like premium chocolate and pure butter, take center stage in every delicious bite. It’s a guilt-free indulgence that’s sweet enough to satisfy your cravings without staging a sugar rebellion in your mouth!”

We are not just baking cakes; we are creating memories! Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary with our customized fun cake – the perfect centrepiece for your celebrations. Fill in the order form and let us know what customization ideas, and let’s turn your vision into a delectable reality.

Share with us your dream cake here!

Our cakes can handle the cool party vibes for 3-4 hours in an air-conditioned room – they’re like the cool cats of the dessert world. But if the celebration is on snooze mode, pop them in the fridge. Just don’t forget to let them thaw before the grand entrance!

Leftovers? No problemo! Seal them in an airtight fortress, and they’ll stay fresh and fabulous for 3-4 days. For the ultimate flavor adventure, aim to finish the cake within 1-2 days – it’s like a taste time machine!”

We get it – allergies are like the ultimate villains. But fear not! If you need a cake sans nut, dairy, gluten, or if you’re rocking the vegan or baby-friendly vibes, give us a shout. Our cakes are the heroes of taste and quality, and we’ve got the perfect solution for your dietary quest.

Get ready for a slice of joy! Each cake delivery comes with its very own birthday knife and candle to spark up the celebration!

Money Pulling cake – where sweetness meets money magic! Just hit up our super-friendly customer service on WhatsApp, and we’ll make the cash confetti happen for you.

Unlock the money magic for just an extra $50! Mix and match your cash vibes with $2, $10, and $50 bills, and let us know your dream denomination dance – from 21 to 25 notes.

Turn your sweet moments into a visual feast! Where your memories become a delectable masterpiece. Whether it’s an intimate soiree or a grand corporate bash, share your reservation number, and let the personalized party begin!

Wondering about the cancellation dance? Here’s our groove:

If the cancellation mood strikes before we hit the kitchen (more than one week to delivery date), you get a full 100% “sooperlicious wallet” with no expiry, or a cool 100% cash refund.

If the beat has started but we’re not fully jamming yet (3 days – 1 week to delivery date), you’re looking at a 70% “sooperlicous wallet” refund that never loses its groove.

Caught us in the middle of a baking frenzy (3 days or less)? Our policy says 100% cancellation charge. But hey, drop us a line, and let’s unravel the puzzle together for a solution that suits you best.

They’re not just crashers at the cake party – they’re the secret agents ensuring your cake stands tall and proud!

Crafting every masterpiece demands the use of specific tools, and some of our cakes may necessitate the use of straws, toothpicks, and wooden dowels to enhance their design, stability, style, and functionality. Time for some cake wisdom: ditch the non-edible sidekicks and get ready to savor every delicious moment of your masterpiece!”

Cake tastings are like the VIP backstage pass, exclusively for the wedding cake crew. Slide into our DMs to set up your personalized tasting session – it’s a journey as sweet as the cake itself. Oh, and to secure your ticket to taste paradise, there’s a $30 per couple fee. Let the flavor fiesta begin.

Cake Sizing Chart

Ever wonder what holds our cakes together? It’s like a delicious love story – layers intertwined with frosting and filling! Our frosting and filling dance to the gourmet cake guide, though sometimes they might pull off a theme-based surprise for bespoke cakes. Get ready for a taste tale like no other.

Our Cake Sizes and Serving

We’re not just baking cakes; we’re building flavor skyscrapers! Different shapes and sizes get cozy in a stacked adventure, stealing the spotlight at the party. Each tier kicks off with a minimum of 4 layers – unless it’s a theme party, where the cakes might decide to break the height limit and shape shift for a little extra fun.

Think of our measurements and serving estimates like a recipe for fun – they’re a ballpark, not a strict rule! It all depends on how hungry your squad is. Our administrators are like cake size matchmakers; they’ll suggest the perfect fit based on your chosen cake design. It’s all about finding the sweet spot for your taste adventure!”

⏰ Time to play the delivery time game! While checking out, let us know your groove:

Morning (10:00 AM – 12:00 PM) – Rise and shine!

Afternoon (12:00 PM – 2:00 PM) – Let’s lunch!

Tea Break (2.00pm 4.00pm) – Serve your mid day sweet tooth!

Evening (4:00 PM – 6:00 PM) – Sunset sweetness!

🚚 Now, let’s talk island-wide delivery charges – here’s the scoop:

Standard: $20

🕵️‍♀️ Before you give that cake a warm welcome, play detective! Inspect it like a cake CSI to make sure it’s all sparkly and intact. If, by some twist of fate, it’s not picture-perfect, hit up our customer service pronto. Describe the cake caper, toss in some photos, and we’ll put on our superhero capes to sort it out!

🚚 We’re on a mission to deliver joy at the perfect hour, but if your home turns into a cake hide-and-seek zone, no worries! We’ll circle back for a second attempt at an extra $25 or set you up for a heroic self-collection. Timing? That’s the secret sauce of our delivery slots for the day.

🚀 Breaking news: The VIP self-pickup party is on a brief intermission! We’re giving our place a makeover and assembling the dream team. Hang tight for the grand reopening shindig – it’s gonna be epic! 🎉🍰

🌟 Your happiness is our main act, and we’re soaking up your fantastic vibes! Got questions? Give us a shout, and our crew is all set to make the magic happen. Oh, and don’t forget to dive into the FAQ zone for a bit of pre-order wisdom – it’s like the secret sauce to a seamless experience! 🚀✨