Mannn!!! Teh Tarik Satu!!!

Hello beautiful peoples.. Have you had your tea break yet? Heehee.. I’m having a gigantic glass of teh tarik and some epok epok (some called it karipap. But if in English, it’s called Curry puff lah)! Lol!!
Oooo.. Yummylicious! Hahaha.. ^_^

Nah.. That’s actually an edible piece of cake art ordered by Jean. It was a teh tarik theme. With teh tarik cake and teh tarik buttercream. Haaaa.. Hati u olls dah tertarik belum? Hahahaha ^_^
Everything you see here is edible. Inclusive of the curry puff and the plate as well. It was a big hit!! Alhamdulillah. ūüôā