Oracle Exadata Cake

Previously, we had a request for this very tall belgian chocolate cake 😲 for Oracle and this design features their Exadata Database Machine. We are more than happy to have created this cake and delivered it to them! 😊

Deadpool Birthday Cake

Funny Superhero created by marvel or was he originally depicted as supervillain?πŸ‘Ώ We love Deadpool so much and had a chance to make this theme cakeπŸŽ‚ recently. Happy Birthday Keiran!


Growing up, I remember  having over 20 cats running around my house. Yah, we were so crazy  over this feline species. Of cos, dad got big cat house made for them. We had Burmese, siamese, Persian, Maine coon… Oh… And the local Malaysiana.  Looking at this cake here definitely bring back memories… 😻 Oh ya,…