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3D Lightning Mcqueen Cake

Hello! Hello! Hello!! This afternoon, I went out to do some errands and suddenly it[..]

Sooperhero Cake!

Good morning u ols! Its a beautiful Saturday except for the haze though! Don’t forget[..]

M&M Chocolate Cake!!

Do you guys know that, anything is good if it’s made of chocolate? ‘Chemically’ speaking,[..]

Harry Potter

Hi peeps!! How was your weekend? I hope you guys had a great magical time[..]

Dinosaur Cake!

Once, a friend and I had a discussion about dinosaurs and came to the conclusion[..]

Pororo & Friends

If you’re interested in Korean culture, and I mean modern culture, or you watch dramas[..]

3D Golden Soccer Boots!

“Pernah nampak kasut melayang masuk dalam mulut?” I used to tease my friends with that[..]

Sooperheroes On Demand!!

It’s Woot Woot Wednesday and ‘woot’ do we have here? Sooperheroes are hotstuffs I tell[..]