3D Lightning Mcqueen Cake

Hello! Hello! Hello!!

This afternoon, I went out to do some errands and suddenly it rains. And guess what? I didn’t have any umbrella with me! And so… I can say I was quite soaked! But luckily my make up is still on flick. Hahahah!! Well.. Thank God for the rain though. Atleast it reduces the haze a little.

Anyway, have you guys tried HonestBee? It’s an online grocery shopping where you can purchase most of your daily needs. So it doesn’t matter if it rains or shine, you can shop and stay at home and just shake leg like nobody business. No need to put on make up.. U can just put some face mask and cucumbers on your eyes, and relek one corner. If it rains, don’t care if you never bring umbrella la, sweating la, soaking la.. Bla bla bla.. Lol!! Ok enough of my ranting.. Sorry.. Hahahah..

So today’s cake is a 3D Mcqueen Car! Seems like it has just finished a race huh.. Need some polishing and washing.. But not to worry. It’s still yummy! Hehehe.. Happy birthday Keith! Have a great one! XoXo