"Once upon a time... There was a little Princess called Kassandra." Happy Belated Birthday sweetie... We made Hawaiian Coconut Cake and Strawberry White Chocolate Layer to complete the celebration.

Elsa Theme Birthday Cake

Another Elsa Theme Birthday Cake this week. Something simple n classy. Fit for any small princess. Hmm.. in this case… not too small… Hahaha. Its ok Liza, “good to be young at heart”.

Deadpool Birthday Cake

Funny Superhero created by marvel or was he originally depicted as supervillain?👿 We love Deadpool so much and had a chance to make this theme cake🎂 recently. Happy Birthday Keiran!


Brawl Stars birthday cake? Yes, its created for Brawl Stars gamer🎡…All edible and we made X’mas Nita as per request. Cant really make out what animal is that wearing a green suit, but our best bet maybe Sea Lion?🤷‍♀️. Anyway, enjoy eating your favourite character Tyrus!! Tags: birthday cakes, birthday cake, sooperlicious, halal cakes, brawl…

All Sports Cake!!

Heyyyy peeps!!! It’s Saturday and look what we have here!! It’s an all kind of sports cake! It’s for dearest Ilhan who celebrated his 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday Ilhan!! I’m sure you gonna grow up and be a very active boy! Talking about sports and activity, guess what? The most waited apps is in town!…