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National Day Cake 2024 🥰

Celebrate Singapore’s National Day in sweet style with our exclusive cake promotion! Indulge in a[..]

LOL and Minecraft Cake⛏️🧸

  Unleash the ultimate gaming celebration with our unique LOL and Minecraft combo cake! Perfectly[..]

Soccer Ball Cake

Kick off your celebration with our incredible soccer ball cake! Designed to thrill soccer fans,[..]

Whimsical cake

Transform your celebration with a whimsical cake! Bursting with bold colors, creative shapes, and intricate[..]

Fabulous 40 Cake

Turn 40 in style with a fabulous 40 cake! Perfect for celebrating this milestone, our[..]

Spiderman Cake 🕷️

Surprise your loved ones with our Spiderman theme cake showcasing vivid colors and Spiderman in[..]

Frozen Theme Cake

Dive into the magic with our Frozen cake! Perfect for any Frozen themed party, this[..]

Gender Reveal Cupcake

Delight in our gender reveal cupcakes, the perfect surprise for your reveal party. These scrumptious[..]

Fudgy Chocolate Love

Experience the ultimate delight with Fudgy Chocolate Love, a luscious cake bursting with rich, intense[..]

Safari Cake 🦁🐘🦓🦒🐆

Embark on a delectable expedition with our Safari Cake, a luscious delight designed to tantalize[..]